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CLC Opens in Mexico

"People today are hungry for God's Word and evangelical Christian books."

For many people in the US, the only thing that we know about Mexico is that it has a high crime rate, drug cartels, many people are killed and kidnapped and masses of people try to come cross the border into the United States. While some of this may be true, there is also another story. God is at work in Mexico, and many things are changing.  In 1970, according to census figures, 96 percent of Mexicans claimed to be Catholic, but that figure had dropped to about 80 percent by 2010. Evangelicals are filling part of that spiritual gap. Literacy rates are increasing and had reached nearly 95% as of 2012. People today are hungry for God’s word and evangelical Christian books. CLC has responded.

In November, a long-held dream was finally fulfilled as a bookstore and wholesale distribution center were opened in Mexico City. For several decades, leaders in CLC had been praying for this to happen. Investigative trips had been made and partnerships explored. Despite this, none of these came to fruition. At long last, the CLC team in Colombia committed to take charge of the project and devoted the resources that were needed including two of their key team members – Team Leader Maria Del Carmen Castaneda and Daniel Huertas.

This was not an easy undertaking, and there were several setbacks. The original building we had hoped to use did not work out, as the building was badly damaged by flooding. Ironically, our new location is even better and is ideally suited to our needs. God does have a sense of humor even when He is allowing us to experience obstacles in our path. This is what Maria del Carmen has to say about this new work,

We came to Mexico with the desire to continue with the purpose of why God founded CLC. We would be the new option and the best alliance of distributors, bookstores, leaders, churches, men, and women, who desire to know Christ in a much deeper level through the literature and all the resources that we have available; and through the counseling programs that we would have available for everyone who desires to grow in Christ.”

CLC will be working diligently to supply the needs of the growing evangelical church in Mexico. This new location has warehouse facilities that can store an abundance of books and make them available at affordable prices to churches, ministries and other Christian literature organizations. The bookstore itself is well stocked with evangelical books and Bibles and is open to the public in a strategic part of Mexico City. Please pray that God will use this new literature lighthouse to be a beacon of hope to all who interact with us and come through our doors on a daily basis. Trust God with us that lives will be transformed.

All new projects cost, and you may donate to this ministry by giving online at and specifying “The Mexico Project” or by dialing 215-542-1242. 

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