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CLC Ministries Fund Brochure

CLC Ministry International involves more than 1000 people in 58 countries who, by faith, trust God to supply their needs. Gifts received for projects are used as designated. Gifts given in excess of project funding needs will be designated to similar projects. Proceeds from book sales are used in the extension of the work worldwide—opening and developing bookshops and mobile ministries, and publishing and distributing literature in many languages.

This Website has been designed by CLC Ministries International, 701 Pennsylvania Ave., Ft. Washington, PA 19034, a not-for-profit organization meeting literature needs around the world since 1941.

CLC U.S.A. is part of an interdenominational faith mission, working in 58 countries on six continents, and is a member of The Mission Exchange (formerly EFMA).

Annual financial reports are available upon request from our office at P.O. Box 1449, Ft. Washington, PA 19034.

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