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Intern Questionnaire

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Get Involved in CLC

God answers prayer! We need people who will pray consistently for those we are trying to reach, for CLC, and for our missionaries. View the current version of e-prayerFuel, a monthly update of our most urgent prayer needs, by clicking here, or call us to see how you can pray for a specific missionary or project (215-542-1242).


ALL gifts are vital in helping to take Godís Word to the ends of the earth. Projects require funds for set-up, training, administration and more. Support of personnel both overseas and locally is critical. Contact us to find the giving opportunities that suit you best.

Give to the Ministries of CLC Missionaries
To partner with a specific missionary, send a check along with a note stating the name of the CLC Missionary whose ministry you wish to support or click here to donate online.

Give to CLC Projects Around the World
To direct funds to a CLC project, send a check along with a note designating the Worldwide Projects Fund or click here to donate online. For specific projects, request a free subscription to CLC World or give us a call at 215-542-1242.

Give to be Used "Where Most Needed"
To enable us to respond to the most pressing financial needs facing the ministry, send a check along with a note stating that your gift is to be used Where Most Needed or click here to donate online.

Wondering where God's place is for you, or what it's like to work in literature missions? CLC's volunteer/intern program is a great place to start. A wide variety of opportunities are available to fit your gifts and language abilities, showing how God can use you to rach others!

Short Term
A short-term assignment allows you to be more fully involved in ministry, and to become more familiar with the new culture around you. It allows you to develop deeper releationships with those you serve and with your team members. We work with you to evaluate your desires and abilities, offer training, and then place you where you will be most effective.

Long Term
Most effective ministries require the development of strong relationships. A longer term commitment allows you to develop the relationships, language abilities, and the literature ministry skills necessary to reach those who may be resistant to the gospel. Many opportunities exist in both english and non-English speaking countries.

CLC Christian BookLink is a project involving the collection of quality used and new Christian books and Bibles donated by believers for those in other countries who could not afford them otherwise. How many of us have extra Christian books and Bibles collecting dust on our shelves, while millions long for even a portion of God's Word? Click here for more information on how you can help set up a collection point at your church.

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