Angels Rejoicing

Mar 15, 2018

Christmas is always a wonderful time of the year in our CLC Bookshops around the world. This past December it was an extra special time for the team in Bolton, England as God did a miracle in their midst. Here is what happened in their words,

“A few days ago, a lady entered our shop who had never been before and while she was here she spoke to our staff. This lady explained how she felt guided towards the shop and that she has been going through a difficult time. Our staff gave her advice and consoled her while she visited. But one of the big questions that our staff wanted to ask was… Did she know Jesus? The answer was ‘no’. HOWEVER, she was searching for him! Our staff prayed with her and spoke with her about connecting with God. She has accepted our Lord Jesus into her life and now begins her journey of faith. Praise God!”

Would you pray with us that we would see more and more people committing their lives to Jesus just like this woman and that our shops would continue to be lighthouses for the gospel on main street.