Opportunities to Serve

Ways to Serve with CLC

1. Open Positions

We have many missionary opportunities in the USA and overseas in publishing, media, maintenance, marketing, retail and more. Whatever your skills, passions or spiritual gifting, God can use you to spread the Gospel. Start exploring opportunities now by filling out the preliminary questionnaire and letting us know about your specific area of interest!

2. Internships

We offer internships to college students each summer and can work with interns during the school year as well. Typically this is for a minimum of eight weeks. These are not paid, but we do offer housing for interns serving at our headquarters campus.

3. Short-Term

We recruit, train and send short-term workers to work with our CLC teams all over the world and utilize short-term workers in the USA as well. This work requires raising funds, but we provide training and make this a very straightforward and doable process. Typically short-term workers serve from six months to two years.

4. Long-Term

We are always looking for team members that are interesting in serving on a long-term, indefinite basis. We provide help in the support raising process and work hard to place you in a situation that best utilizes the gifts God has given you and the things that you are passionate about. People serving in these roles commit to a minimum of two years or more in a given location and can serve in the USA or overseas.

To find out more about the current needs that we have, contact us at 215-542-1242 or through our contact page.

We also welcome people to serve as volunteers and can provide you with meaningful service opportunities with our team in the USA.

If you love God, love people, love books and love the world, you may be a great fit for CLC. Consider contacting us today.