In a world where so many ideas are competing for our attention, independent Christian publishing is vital for gospel witness and discipleship. It has been said that a Christian book never has a bad day, doesn’t change its mind and continues to minister long after its author has passed on. Patrick Johnson (author of Operation World) has commented that, “More than half of the born-again Christians in the world testify that literature played a part in their conversion.” 

Our Authors

CLC Publications is the English language publishing arm of CLC International. Over the past fifty years, our publishing house has developed a reputation of producing great books by trusted authors with a clear message. Our classic titles by well-known authors like Corrie ten Boom, Watchman Nee, Amy Carmichael, Andrew Murray and Roy Hession set the standard for the types of books published by CLC Publications today.

While we still offer books by these influential writers, we also publish books by current authors like Warren Wiersbe, Stuart & Jill Briscoe, Michael Catt and many more. CLC Publications continues its mission of publishing books by new authors with a key message for today and we are delighted to see these books making a difference in the lives of readers worldwide.

What We Publish

“CLC Publications focus is on books for the “deeper life” and are typically trade paper non-fiction books written for an adult audience. Ideally our books have a timeless quality and may be written on a variety of subjects including repentance, holiness and a fresh experience of God conforming us to the image of Christ.

Our readers should expect to be inspired and encouraged in their faith to understand that the gospel gives us the power to experience a victorious Christian life through the power of the Holy Spirit. Some of our best-selling titles include The Calvary RoadRees Howells Intercessor, The Normal Christian Life and God’s Chosen Fast.

Where We Publish

Today, CLC publishes worldwide in twenty-four different languages and in eighteen countries. CLC Publications in the USA encourages our teams in other nations to translate and publish these titles in a variety of different languages. Some of the other languages in which CLC publishes books include Spanish (in Colombia), Korean (in Korea), Burmese (in Myanmar), Russian (in Belarus), French (in France) and Italian (in Italy). Through CLC Multi-Language Media, many of these foreign language titles are now available in the USA.

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