Mission Projects

Raising funds to further the gospel!

Check out our current fundraising projects!
CLC Spanish Bible Project

Try for a moment to imagine your life, and your Christian journey, without a Bible! There’s a huge need for affordable Bibles in Venezuela, Bolivia, and Spain! These three countries have been severely affected by the economic crisis and/or political and social turmoil. The time to act is now.

Donate TODAY to make this project become a reality. Each Bible costs only €1.50 ($1.70 USD or £1.30 GBP). Perhaps you or your church could donate the equivalent of just 1 or 10 or even 1,000 Bibles!

10,000 Biker Bibles for Daytona Bike Week 2019

Our first major outreach is planned for Daytona Bike Week 2019 from March 8-17. Our goal is to give away 10,000 Biker Bibles! Together with Christian clubs from the US and Europe, we plan to have a Bible tent at Daytona Bike Week.

Sponsor an individual or a group of individuals with donations in multiples of $5. For example, $50 allows us to give out 10 Bibles and $500 ensures that 100 Bibles are handed out and Gospel conversations are had. 

Bookshops in Africa

Your donation can help keep these doors open. These small bookshops in developing countries are of great spiritual importance – often the only place a Bible or Christian book is available in that community. Making God’s Word available so that Jesus Christ can be known is the central purpose of these ministries centers and your donation can help them stay open in often difficult economic situations.