CLC Sierra Leone is committed to bring books and Bibles to areas beyond their typical bookshop service area.  Using mini mobile bookshops (Keke) the CLC Sierra Leone team will be able to make regular visits to people who cannot travel to them.  During a recent team vision meeting, George from Freetown and Matthew from Bo City developed this economical solution together that will further their goal to see more people come to know Jesus as Lord and Savior and grow in their Christian Faith.

Matthew and George said, ”Every denominational church within the Bo and Freetown area… will attend conferences, seminars, workshops, and summits. We need to reach out to the village people, in the market areas. and other areas where we have not being able to reach on foot.”

Pictured Left: Evangelist Matthew from Bo; Bottom Right: George in the outreach department in Freetown.

To make this outreach project possible, we are asking for donations for the purchase of two of these vehicles – one for Bo and one for Freetown. Each vehicle costs approximately $6,500 USD. CLC USA oversees this missionary work and this outreach program fits neatly in their vision and mission for this African nation. Please pray and consider making a contribution to this effort to further the Gospel in Sierra Leone.