Pray with Us

February – Week 6: Asia

Monday (3rd) – Philippines

CLC Philippines is planning to purchase a state-of-the-art Print-on-Demand machine which can produce an entire book in minutes. Please pray with us for the funds needed for this project. We believe that this machine will be a big help in the publishing of books locally without accumulating large inventories.

 Tuesday (4th) – Indonesia

The publication of Christopher Flint’s book, The Bible and the Meaning of Life, was delayed last year, but we hope to work on it this year. We also believe that the book, The Tabernacle, from the Redemption Center in Korea, would be a blessing in Indonesia, so we plan to publish that book as well. Please pray for these two projects and for the resources needed to complete them.

Wednesday (5th) – Indonesia

Praise God for the blessing that the book, Power Through Prayer by E. M. Bounds, has been in Indonesia. CLC Indonesia decided recently to do a reprint of this book, as one church bought 600 copies and another church bought 400 copies towards the end of last year!

 Thursday (6th) – India

Please pray for new members of the team in India who are currently in training and based at the Headquarters in Chennai. Pray for Gnanakumar, Vasanath, Kumar, Kevin and Joseph as they learn the various aspects of the work, and that they will be a blessing to the ELS (CLC) ministry in the future.

 Friday (7th) – Thailand

Pray for Amanda Intajuk who has recently taken over the responsibility of managing the Chiang Mai bookshop and the role of CLC Director for Thailand. Amanda asks for prayer for wisdom and opportunities to serve the Lord, our customers and the church. Pray also for God’s guidance as the small team consider publishing Thai versions of the books  The Tabernacle and The Ark of the Covenant.

The Weekend (8th – 9th) – Thailand

Last year, a suitable property for the relocation of CLC Chiang Mai was identified. The purchase depended on finally selling the CLC property in Bangkok, but it was proving difficult to complete the sale. The outcome is not known at the time of writing, but please pray anyway. There have been several difficult issues regarding CLC properties in Thailand over recent years, and it would be wonderful to be able to resolve them and move on.

 February – Week 7: North America and the Caribbean

 Monday (10th) – Canada

We are in the process of developing a program to reach out to the First Nations (native people groups) and Innu communities. Quebec, where CLC is based, is a very large province and these communities are small and widely dispersed. Please pray that we would find the best way to do this in order to make Christian literature available to them. We would like to find contacts and meet with people at their regional events as, for example, at Pow-Wows.

Tuesday (11th) – Dominica

The situation for CLC in Dominica remains a concern for prayer, particularly regarding the bookshop location. As mentioned before in Prayer Focus, the cost of renting the shop property has increased significantly in the past year and the search for a suitable alternative, at a lower rent, is ongoing. Please pray for the best location for the bookshop and for the growth and sustainability of the ministry.

 Wednesday (12th) – USA

Please pray for us as we consider the need to either renew our Cedarbrook bookstore lease or consider a move to a new location. The lease expires in June 2021, but we need to make a decision, taking into account declining book sales, in the next few months.

Thursday (13th) – Barbados

CLC Barbados was established in 1957. Despite many challenges and thanks to the commitment of faithful workers, we continue today. Recently, the financial challenges in this small island have made our work more difficult. There is also a need for new staff members for the ministry in Barbados. Please pray for people able to drive the organization forward during this tough time and ensure we are prepared for the years ahead.

Friday (14th) – Trinidad & Tobago

Please pray for the CLC bookshop in Point Fortin. Sales in this store were affected negatively when Trinidad’s only oil company was closed down and, as a result, many people lost their jobs. Pray for creative ways to reach more customers.

The Weekend (15th – 16th) – USA

Each week, our shipping department sends out hundreds of packages all over North America. Pray that these packages will reach their intended recipients, as we regularly have packages that are lost or stolen in the delivery process. Pray for those who receive the books and Bibles, that God’s Spirit will give them understanding and bring about His desired life change. 

February – Week 8: International Office Staff

 Monday (17th) – CLC International Office

Lewis Codington, a member of the CLC IO team, has many years’ experience living and ministering in Asia, having previously served with CLC in France and the UK. Recently, Lewis wrote a brief summary of each book of the Bible which, when printed, will be used in the English classes he gives to students from North Korea. Please pray for Lewis and for the students as they learn about the Bible as well as improve their English.

Tuesday (18th) – CLC International Office

Rudy Kuijer has worked with CLC in both Spain and the Netherlands. His role now is to encourage evangelism and connect CLC with local churches to engage in outreach. Currently, Rudy is focusing on Florence, Italy, where there are many possibilities for sharing the Gospel among the tourists visiting Michelangelo’s statue of David and with the large immigrant population in the area. Please pray for effective witness here as our store is in a key area!

 Wednesday (19th) – Communications

The IO Communications Department is important to keep CLC connected and to share our news around the world. The work includes communicating via social media, the IO website and publishing the CLC World magazine and Prayer Focus. Recently, Yaninna Scalante has taken on the role of leading this department. Please pray for her and the communications team as they implement plans to be more efficient in letting people know about CLC projects and in sharing prayer information.

Thursday (20th) – Asia Regional Director

Please pray for Romualdo Macinas who has been an RD for many years now. He says that it has been a challenging role, but enjoyable. Now he feels it is time for him to pass on the baton. Please pray for his final months in the post, for the person who will replace him, and for blessing and growth for CLC’s work in Asia in the future.

Friday (21st) – Africa Regional Director

At the CLC Africa Regional Conference, it was decided that Liz would continue to serve as RD after the International Council this year. This means that she will still anticipate travelling quite a lot to the various countries as well as within Mozambique, where she lives. Please pray for wisdom in planning all these journeys and the logistics involved with visas etc., and for health and stamina for the long distances.

The Weekend (22nd – 23rd) – International Council

The four-yearly CLC International Council will be held in Korea in May. This event is the main decision-making body of CLC International, and about 40 CLC leaders are expected to attend. Please pray for the planning and preparation; the IO team as they prepare the agenda; the CLC team in Korea as they host the event; the delegates arranging their travel plans; and the guest devotional speaker, Ron Perschky of WEC International.

February – Week 9 – The Extended Team!

Monday (24th) – Volunteers

In a number of countries CLC is dependent on volunteers, either as part of the bookshop team or in other ways, such as running book tables at events and proofreading (including this text!). Thank God for each and every one of these faithful supporters.

Tuesday (25th) – Retirees

CLC’s worldwide team today is building on the work of hundreds of people who have gone before us! In the UK alone, there are currently 70 retired CLC members, one of whom has worked and prayed for CLC since it started!  Many retirees maintain an active interest in CLC, and their contribution, through prayer particularly, is invaluable. Praise God for them. 

Wednesday (26th) – Trustees/Board members

A good number of CLC teams around the world are supported by external boards.  These men and women give freely of their time and expertise.  In many cases, they have the ultimate legal responsibility for the local work.  Please pray for these dear and valued friends of CLC.

Thursday (27th) – Church and Ministry Partnerships

Praise God for increasing links and cooperation with churches, church denominations and other like-minded Christian ministries. Some of these are mentioned regularly in Prayer Focus, but there are so many more! Thank the Lord for good working relationships and partnerships.

Friday (28th) – Customers

Thank God for all our customers. Here is a testimony from Martine Foto about the encouragement they are to us and not just because of sales! “A Congolese pastor, who was staying in Ivory Coast, passed along our street and, led by the Spirit of God (his words), he found our bookshop. He was pleasantly surprised to see a Christian bookstore among the clothing and household goods stores in the street. He praised the Lord for the bookshop and prayed individually for each member of the team.”

The Weekend (29th – 1st) – Prayer Partners

Anyone who prayerfully reads through Prayer Focus each month is very much part of the team. It is a privilege to have so many people supporting CLC, and together we are working to fulfil CLC’s mission to ‘make evangelical literature available to all nations so that people may come to faith and maturity in the Lord Jesus Christ’.