Pray with Us

Week 14 – April: Global Praise Points

Monday (2nd) – Philippines:
This quarter CLC Philippines is hosting a Daily Vacation Bible School (DVBS) Seminar/Workshop on April 9, 2018. Many churches have been invited to send at least five delegates to participate in the event. Pray that many churches and church leaders will attend enabling them to conduct DVBS programmes that are more relevant to their community so that many children, young people and their parents will be reached for Christ.

Tuesday (3rd) – Canada:
Thank you Father for clearly showing us Your plan for CLC Canada’s distribution department because it wasn’t cost effective and was, in fact, losing a lot of money. After obediently following Your plan to restructure this department, we are now seeing positive results.

Wednesday (4th) – Sierra Leone:
We thank God for the year-long celebrations of our Golden Jubilee. We launched our first event in February 2017 and built up these joyous occasions to finish with an Anniversary lunch on February 11th, 2018, and a Grand Thanksgiving Service on February 18th, 2018. The celebrations were a real blessing to our team because we were privileged to meet with past CLCers who helped to bring the ministry to where it stands today.

Thursday (5th) – Papua New Guinea (PNG):
We praise God for the safe arrival of CLC PNG’s order of children’s resources from Scandinavia Press in the United States. These books arrived just in time for the ‘Back to School’ sale in Port Moresby. This is a big event for CLC’s ministry as many come from miles around to attend.

Friday (6th) – Venezuela:
We thank God that recently, after an extensive wait due to our country’s financial difficulties, Ruby Arrieta, a member of the CLC Maracaibo bookshop team, was able to receive a necessary operation. Praise God the surgery went well! Please continue to pray for her recovery. *Photo

The Weekend (7th/8th) – Dominica:
Praise the Lord that CLC Dominica now has a part-time helper, Patricia Laudat, to cover for Tajya Winston, who is on maternity leave since the birth of her baby daughter, Yahna. Please remember both of these wonderful women as they settle into their new roles.

Week 15 – April: International Prayer Requests

Monday (9th) – Sierra Leone:
At the time of writing, Sierra Leone was planning to elect a new president on March 7, 2018. Please continue to pray for this nation as well as CLC’s ministry and team as the post-election era is always a serious concern for every Sierra Leonean.

Tuesday (10th) – Liz Patten, CLC Africa Regional Director:
“Please pray for my travels to Ivory Coast (Abidjan and Bouaké) and then to Burkina Faso in the first half of April. I am looking forward to seeing our teams there. Emmanuel Ladeyo (FWA director from CLC Benin) and Bernhard Koecke from CLC France will accompany me. May we travel in safety and be an encouragement to our brothers and sisters. May we find practical ways to help them grow the ministry in their own countries. Thank you!” Liz Patten

Wednesday (11th) – France:
At the end of March, CLC France completed the annual stocktake in its warehouse and in its 13 bookshops. The team is currently checking all the results and integrating these figures into some financial software. This is a lot of work that must be accurate, so please pray for the team and especially for Etienne Audier as he oversees this task. May the Lord inspire us to continue developing our ministry and projects so that we may better serve our clients in 2018, both personally and professionally.

Thursday (12th) – Antigua:
The government will be calling an election this year. Please pray for guidance and safety. Please also continue to pray for the CLC team, their families, friends and customers.

Friday (13th) – Canada:
We ask you to pray for us as we need wisdom and innovation from the Lord to face 2018. New opportunities and ideas are required to help increase our presence in the country so that we can provide the best possible service to our community. Pray, too, for our upcoming meetings with church leaders as we discuss hosting Thompson Bible seminars for them.

The Weekend (14th/15th) – Colombia:
“As a team that is also a publisher and wholesaler, we ask for your prayers as we make a number of trips to visit other countries during May. We thank God for His provision and ask that you pray also for safe travel mercies for those traveling. May these opportunities strengthen our partnerships in these countries.” David Pabon, National Director

Week 16 – April: Upcoming Events

Monday (16th) – Gary Chamberlin, Europe Regional Director:
Please pray for a blessed and productive time at the CBA Marketsquare Europe meetings in Budapest from April 16 – 20. CLC directors from all over Europe (with the addition of Colombia, Korea and Kenya) will be meeting with many US Christian publishers and rights’ agents to evaluate new books on the market for their own countries. In addition, there will be three days of training to better our capabilities in publishing, partially in collaboration with CBA. Please pray that these days will be very beneficial and instructive for all of the CLCers and other publishers attending, mostly from Eastern Europe.

Tuesday (17th) – Switzerland:
On the 6 May, CLC Switzerland will attend the ’Culto Cantonale,’ the general meeting of Italian-speaking believers here in south Switzerland. We are thankful to God that pastors have decided to repeat this meeting annually instead of every two years. Our CLC team will have a book table there, so it will be a blessing for our ministry and for them. It’s probable that the mayor will be there, and it is the CLC team’s hope that more and more people will be blessed by this event.

Wednesday (18th) – United States:
Please pray for the CLC USA annual conference (April 22 – 23) as we spend time together in prayer and seeking God for His will for the next year of ministry. Pray for discernment and unity in decisions and a strengthening of the fellowship.

Thursday (19th) – Spain:
On Friday, June 1st and Saturday, June 2nd, the Thompson Bible seminar will be held in Madrid. Another two seminars will be held in Barcelona and Gerona in the week of June 4th to 10th. Pray that these events will be a great blessing to the Christian people in Spain and that the local team that is being formed for the continuity of this seminar will be consolidated. Also, pray for the economic and logistical resources for the development of the seminar in Equatorial Guinea. *Photo

Friday (20th) – Papua New Guinea:
“Please pray for our bookshop staff as we plan to have a short retreat soon to encourage and refresh us as a team. The time will also serve as a reminder to help us stay focused on the task the Lord has given us. Since many of our team members are also family members, we ask that the Lord would help us to remain united as a team and as families. Pray too for our team as we set up book stalls in public places where we can be a witness to those in our city as well as highlight helpful resources to those in need.” Vere Babona, National Director

The Weekend (21st/22nd) – Panama:
During May, CLC Panama will be hosting a Thompson Bible seminar in the Ngobe Buglé region. Please pray for those who are working behind the scenes to make sure everything is ready for the event and that it will be well attended and a blessing to many. Please also continue to pray for our team as some members are leaving to dedicate themselves fully to their university studies. Please help those remaining to find new staff or ways to fill the gaps and grow together in unity.

Week 17 – April: Evangelism & Outreach Opportunities

Monday (23rd) – France:
CLC France National Director Hervé Lessous will be making a presentation at the next board meeting of Livr’Afrique in June. Please pray for a blessed meeting with wisdom from the Lord. CLC and Livr’Afrique are hoping to help about ten French-speaking countries in Africa, plus Madagascar and Haiti. Together, they would like to find a way for these countries to receive Christian literature and Bibles for less money than normal. This is a very big challenge, but we know that with the Lord’s help, all things are possible.

Tuesday (24th) – Ruud ‘Rudy’ Kuijer, Global Mobiliser and Evangelism Development:
Please pray for clear guidance for Rudy Kuijer in developing a God-given strategy for getting new people with a heart for evangelism through Christian literature to join CLC. Rudy has been networking with other missions, such as WEC, OMF, Frontiers, Wycliffe and CAMA. We thank the Lord that these relationships are growing. We aren’t just interested in having book tables at their events, but also in being a bridge that supports and serves all types of mission organisations through lasting relationships.

Wednesday (25th) – Kenya:
We thank the Lord for your prayers as CLC Kenya explored different children’s orphanages to donate books to. The search led the team to the New Life Home in Nairobi, and it is hoped that our ministry can be a real blessing to these children. CLC Kenya usually donates books at the end of every year; however, it is felt that their need for books is urgent. Please pray that the Lord will provide a way for the team to make the donation sooner

Thursday (26th) – Switzerland:
“We are hoping to partner with Compassion and hold an event this autumn in the bookshop in an effort to make believers in the area more aware of the needs of the poor. If the Lord is in this, then it will happen! Please pray for us as we meet with Compassion workers to discuss and plan this event. Pray too that many children might be sponsored through this event.” Carlo Ciafani, Manager

Friday (27th) – Cyprus:
CLC Cyprus often has customers from other countries and faiths—mainly refugees or asylum seekers—who come to the shop to do photocopying. At times, the team members have the opportunity to share the Gospel with them or give them a Gospel tract. Please pray that the Lord will work in their hearts and that the Lord will provide more of these opportunities.

The Weekend (28th/29th) – Central Asia (CA2):
“Please continue to pray for the protection of our CLC Central Asia team and for opportunities to share the Gospel with those who visit the shop. Please pray that God will open the spiritual eyes and ears of the people we share with.” The Director