Pray with Us

Week 10  March 2nd – 8th

Monday (2nd) – Portugal:

March is a month of many meetings! Please pray for the annual CLC Board meeting and the ECPA* Rights Fair, and also the CLC Europe meetings to be held in Poland. Pray for strength and safe travels, good fellowship and learning.  CLC is also involved with the Portuguese Evangelical Alliance and Global Leadership Summit meetings. *Evangelical Christian Publishers’ Association

Carlos Cunha – CLC Portugal

Tuesday (3rd) – Germany:

Our main prayer request is that we can survive the day-to-day challenges, having to manage the workload with less people due to the economic realities. Above all, may the Lord give us special love for the people coming in, especially as many are quite burdened.

Valentin Schweigler – CLC Germany


Wednesday (4th) – Russia:

Despite many new customers, our sales have been dropping in CLC Russia. This is even though since September 2019, we have been the only Christian (evangelical) bookshop in Moscow.  Please join us in prayer for an improvement in this situation. We are thankful to the LORD for His continued mercy and protection for many years now.

Nikita Sapunov – CLC Russia

Thursday (5th) – Cyprus:

At the time of writing, our helper – Jackie – is receiving physiotherapy in a Care Home in the UK after being seriously affected by a stroke.  So far, her recovery has been slow. Please pray for her as she would love to return to Cyprus. In the meantime, we are thankful for a new volunteer, Maria, who is willing to help when needed.

Sotos & Eva Photiades – CLC Cyprus


Friday (6th) – Italy:

Please pray for our newest colleagues in CLC: Lucilla in Milan and Sharon in Bari. They are dedicated to serving the churches of their area through the shops, book tables, social media, seminars and events. To achieve this, they appreciate help from capable volunteers. Please pray for more help in all of our seven bookshops spread over Italy.

Andreas Bader – CLC Italy


The Weekend (7th/8th) – Central Asia: We are still searching for the person who can pursue new opportunities for book tables and find new companies and government agencies that will require large orders. Please pray for the right person who will be called by God. In the meantime, we are planning some book tables at schools in March, April and May. Please pray for good sales, at least to cover our expenses.

The Director, CLC Central Asia

Week 11  March 9th15th

Monday (9th) – Philippines:

March 9th-14th are the dates for the CLC Philippines annual conference and Annual General Meeting in Manila. Please pray for a fruitful conference and for the election of the new Board of directors. For the conference, we will adopt the theme of the upcoming CLC Council meetings “Do not Hold Back”, based on Isaiah 54v2.

Romualdo Macinas – CLC Philippines


Tuesday (10th) – Korea:

March is the busiest season for CLC Korea as all the theological seminaries start a new semester nationwide. Most of the titles we publish are used as textbooks in these seminaries. Please pray for successful sales and also for the operation and sales managers, who will be highly occupied. May God give them special health, strength and protection at this time.

Sohee Yoo – CLC Korea


Wednesday (11th) – Korea:

Thank the Lord for the privilege we have to reach out to North Koreans in Seoul. Many of them have suffered through loss of family members and struggle to adjust to life in South Korea. Pray that we will be able to show them God’s love and that they will find peace and rest as they seek God’s presence in their lives.

Lewis & Elsbeth Codington – CLC Asia


Thursday (12th) – Thailand:

We praise the Lord for Amanda and Ken and for their enthusiasm and commitment to spreading the Good News through CLC in their native Thailand.  Thank the Lord also for an increase in sales due to their hard work, which means that good books are getting into the hands of more people.

Lewis Codington – CLC Asia


Friday (13th) – Indonesia:

Praise God that OM Indonesia and CLC Indonesia have partnered together to reprint the classic title Calvary Road by Roy Hession. We pray that this new edition will be a great blessing for the Christians here and also for everyone who reads it.

Donny Kairupan – CLC Indonesia


The Weekend (14th/15th) – India:

Praise God that one of our Tamil titles, ‘Cities & Events where Jesus Lived’, was accepted by our Tamil Nadu state government for all the libraries. Consequently, we were able to supply 300 copies to 32 libraries. May this book be a great help to readers, and may they know the love of Christ through this book, to the glory of God.

Justin Chellappan – ELS (CLC) India


Week 12  March 16th 22nd

Monday (16th) – Kenya:

We have a vision for Book Programmes, where we do training conferences or seminars based on one or two titles. One of the most successful was with the Genesis Genealogies by Rev. Abraham Park, when we had 270 pastors in attendance! In 2020, we are planning for two major book programmes.  Please pray for lives to be impacted and changed for God’s glory. 

Muthoni Mercy – CLC Kenya


Tuesday (17th) – Indonesia:

From 17th – 21st March our Asia Regional Director, Romualdo Macinas, will visit us in Surabaya, together with Mr. Lewis Codington. Pray that this will be a fruitful visit as we also contemplate a change in CLC Indonesia leadership. 

Donny Kairupan – CLC Indonesia


Wednesday (18th) – France:

At the time of writing, we have found a new location in Fort de France for the CLC ministry to serve the 380,000 people on the island of Martinique. We have to do quite a lot of work at this new place (painting, roofing, electricity, furniture, etc.) before we can move in – hopefully by the end of April. 

Hervé Lessous – CLC France


Thursday (19th) USA:

Pray for safe arrival and customs clearance for our Multi-Language Media shipments coming from overseas, with larger quantities now coming regularly by sea. Pray for effective communication with vendors and for efficient distribution to the immigrant communities we serve.

Charles Hurd – CLC USA


Friday (20th) – Latin America:

Please pray for CLC Bolivia, as the ministry has not been able to cover the costs of operations. Also, in December 2019, some financial subsidy came to an end, affecting the missionary couple leading the ministry. As a result, we have had to take some emergency measures. Please pray for wisdom in decision making and especially for direction and provision for missionaries Gamaliel and Marlene Padilla.

Humberto Urrutia – CLC Regional Director for Latin America


The Weekend (21st/22nd) – Spain:

We give thanks to God that we could benefit from the economy Bible project, “Jesus for Everyone”. Now we are working on the sale and distribution of these Bibles and we need to improve our strategies in order for this to be effective. We would like our customers, churches and other ministries to unite with us in order to promote awareness and distribution of this Bible.

Darwin Vergel Dueñas – CLC Spain

Week 13  March 23rd29th

Monday (23rd) – Colombia:

CLC Colombia will hold their Annual General Meeting on 25th and 26th March. We pray that we can have all the information organised and fulfil the responsibility of presenting the reports on time. We thank God that despite the marches that began in November last year, we were able to grow in sales; the LORD was very good to us, sending customers to our bookshops.

David Pabon – CLC Colombia

Tuesday (24th) – Panama:

On 1st March we opened the Los Pueblos bookshop at a new location after our previous location (where we had been since 2007) was sold last year. The new bookshop, which has two floors and includes our offices, is about 500 metres away and in the same shopping centre. Please pray for customers to find us, for new strategies and increased sales in this new location.

Milton Cheng – CLC Panama


Wednesday (25th) – Uruguay:

Uruguay will have a new President starting in March 2020. At the time of writing, we are grateful for the peaceful atmosphere that has been experienced so far in this process, as it has enabled our distribution to increase in comparison with the previous year. We give God all the glory!

Humberto Urrutia – CLC Uruguay


Thursday (26th) – Ecuador:

For many years we wanted to open as a distributor in the city of Guayaquil. This month we will begin this work in a place very close to our bookstore.  Our desire is to have a good quantity of material available as soon as possible to better serve both the bookstore and the wholesale customers. Please pray for our team nationwide, for all these changes and new challenges.

Monica Rojas – CLC Ecuador


Friday (27th) – Chile:

The end of 2019 was difficult in our country, yet we have seen the hand of God in CLC as we ended the year with growth in sales despite the situation.  The month of April will be significant since there will be a plebiscite to decide if a new constitution will be established. Please pray for this complicated time which brings the risk of new protests.

Patricio Romo – CLC Chile  


The Weekend (28th/29th) – Chile:

From March 28th to 30th we will have our annual conference. This year’s theme is “Come to a quiet place and rest” (Mark 6v31). We need a time to fellowship, to encourage each other and to pray for our ministry.  

Patricio Romo – CLC Chile


Week 14  March 30th April 5th

Monday (30th) – Ivory Coast

Please join us in thanking the LORD for His great faithfulness towards us, despite the fact that we experienced a decline in sales last year. Also, the situation with our second bookshop, in Bouaké, remains difficult. We are grateful that an order from CLC France, believed lost, was found and delivered after three months of praying about it. Praise the LORD!

Martine Foto – CLC Ivory Coast


Tuesday (31st) – Benin

You may remember that some years ago, the owner of the CLC shop in Cotonou decided to sell the premises and the land for approximately 600,000€. He searched in vain for a buyer and we are still in the same very good location! However, our annual sales are going down. Please pray for increase in 2020 and also that we receive our orders safely from Europe.

Emmanuel  Ladeyo – CLC Benin


Wednesday (1st) – Burkina Faso

We are thankful to the LORD for His continued protection over us and over the bookshop during these uncertain times. Because of an increase of terrorist activity in the country, we put our lives in God’s hands each day that He may keep us safe. Please continue to pray for the national security situation here.

Sami Luc Noufé – CLC Burkina Faso


Thursday (2nd) – Burkina Faso

Despite the situation in our country, at the end of last year we were encouraged and thankful to see an increase in our December sales. Our challenge is how to maintain this. Please pray that we will be able to have the necessary stock as and when it is required.

Sami Luc Noufé – CLC Burkina Faso


Friday (3rd) – Philippines

For many years, CLC Philippines has conducted workshops for the Daily Vacation Bible School training. On April 4th, we will conduct another of these. The programme will last the whole day. Please pray that many will participate so that more children will be reached in the future as a result of this training.

Romualdo Macinas – CLC Philippines


The Weekend (4th/5th) – India

In the first week of April, we are planning for a mega sale in our headquarter premises in Chennai. Pray that this sale would be a great blessing to our customers as it forms part of our strategy to fulfil our CLC mission goals of bringing people to faith and maturity in the LORD JESUS CHRIST.

Justin Chellappan – CLC India


Week 15  April 6th – 12th

Monday (6th) – Spain

In the week of Easter, it is usual for many people to visit their families in the cities where we have our three shops in Madrid, Sevilla and Valencia. Some of these people also take advantage of the occasion to visit CLC! Please pray that we will be ready to welcome them and help them with the selection of the materials they need.

Darwin Vergel Dueñas – CLC Spain


Tuesday (7th) – Italy

In recent years, we have seen an increase in costs such as rent, electricity, salaries and taxes – whilst at the same time there has been a decrease in sales. Please pray that we can infect more people with the reading virus! There are only about 10 evangelical bookshops in all of Italy and we do not want to have to close our shops.

Andreas Bader – CLC Italy


Wednesday (8th) – Central Asia

A man came to our bookshop and discovered the Bible in his language. Since he didn’t have enough money to buy it we suggested he should borrow one from our lending library.  Two weeks later, he returned and asked us to extend the lending period! He has converted from another religion and despite the pressures from his family, he tries to stay strong.

Central Asia


Thursday (9th) – Belarus

We need to carry out some renovations in the bookshop in Blagovost and also renew the external sign at the entrance. Please pray for the funds needed for this venture and also for a good modern design that will communicate something of the Gospel to the passers by.

Lina Pinkevich – CLC Belarus


Friday (10th) – April – Good Friday

Jesus said, “And I, when I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all people to Myself” (John 12v32). Let’s pray that many hearts will be touched by the real message of Easter all over the world and that many will find Jesus as Saviour and LORD over this weekend.


The Weekend (11th/12th) – April – Easter weekend

During the Easter celebrations, many people of all ages will receive cards or gifts with an Easter message, given by a caring relative, neighbour or friend. Let us pray that these acts of reaching out to others will bear lasting fruit for Christ’s Kingdom.



Week 16  April 13th – 19th

Monday (13th) – USA

Please pray for Robbie Halstead who has rejoined CLC full-time as manager of our retail operations after serving the USA Christian bookshop industry for several years through his own company. Also pray for Dave Steininger as he works on digital marketing. We praise God for a recent grant from Google Ads (available to nonprofits) and we need wisdom as we try to take full advantage of it.

Charles Hurd – CLC USA


Tuesday (14th) – Canada

We are actively working on a new visibility plan with a new partner. Our intention is to better reach people who already know us, but especially to reach people who do not yet know us, including non-believers. We are aware that we must strive to be 100% commercial and 100% mission if we are going to be effective in this direction!

Antoine Roberge – CLC Canada


Wednesday (15th) – Antigua

We thank the LORD for His faithfulness to us. As we prepare to order new stock for special occasions in the calendar, please pray for His wisdom and guidance. Also pray that we can keep our prices attractive as we are aware that this can sometimes determine customer choices.

Arah Martin – CLC Antigua


Thursday (16th) – Trinidad & Tobago

Our main prayer request just now, is for an increase in sales. Following a visit from the Logos ship, the start of the year was a bit slow. This was after a drop in sales at the end of 2019, in comparison to 2018. Please pray that we can reach more people with our books and Bibles as the year gets into the second quarter.

Sandra Robinson – CLC Trinidad & Tobago


Friday (17th) – Caribbean

We also need prayer for the sustainability of our strategies, including that we will persevere and not give up! For instance, we have begun the practice of a “Skype” prayer meeting every Monday at 8.00am, to include the entire staff at their different locations. Our internet is not always good, so please pray that we can maintain this new weekly prayer gathering!

Sandra Robinson – CLC Caribbean


The Weekend (18th/19th) – Trinidad & Tobago

Our Port of Spain office, located in the city, has not had pipe-borne water for over 15 years. This means we have to buy water and fill our tanks, which is more expensive than paying water rates. We have written several letters over the years to the Water Authority, but the problem still has not been resolved. Please, pray with us!

Sandra Robinson – CLC Trinidad & Tobago


Week 17  April 20th – 26th

Monday (20th) – United Kingdom

The Kingsway CLC Trust Annual Conference will be held from 19th – 21st April – our first conference as a newly merged organisation. The past year has involved a huge amount of change and adjustment – with more to come. Please pray for us as we meet together to hear the LORD speak to us. The conference will be followed by a Trustees’ meeting.

Neil Wardrope – Kingsway CLC Trust


Tuesday (21st) – Ivory Coast

We are always pleased to have opportunities to present CLC at events. One successful occasion for us was at the 3rd Christian Book Fair, which took place in Abidjan in 2019. We were able to make good contacts with local publishers and authors.  Please pray for more such openings.

Martine Foto – CLC Ivory Coast

Wednesday (22nd) – Ecuador

In January we moved the bookstore in the city of Manta to a more commercial and modern area.  We thank the Lord that with this change, many more people are entering the bookstore and we are gaining new customers. Please pray that we will continue to spread the message of salvation, increase sales and find new spaces for action.

Monica Rojas – Ecuador

Thursday (23rd) – Former Bookshops

Sometimes CLC may hand over a bookshop to others when it is felt that this will be more beneficial for the ministry. This has been the case in two countries in recent months. Please pray for our former bookshops in Papua New Guinea and Liberia, that they will continue helping to meet the spiritual needs in those countries. Pray for the new staff and owners, that they will have wisdom from the LORD.


Friday (24th) – April

Three years ago, CLC Mozambique ran a project called “Bible for Everyone”, with 10,000 Bibles being produced to sell at low cost after funds were raised for this purpose. Praise God that this was successful, and the project has already become self-sustaining. At the time of writing, we are in discussions with a publisher about our next low-cost Bible for Mozambique. Thank You, LORD!

Liz Patten – CLC Africa Regional Director


The Weekend (25th/26th) – Korea

As the CLC International Council will be held in South Korea next month, the local team members will be busy sorting out schedules, airport pick up times and other things. Please pray for wisdom and patience to organise well and for good inter-communications with the delegates prior to their arrival. Please also pray for those who will need a visa to enter Korea.

Sohee Yoo – CLC Korea.


Week 18  April 27th – May 3rd

Monday (27th) – Burkina Faso

We are so thankful for a gift from CLC Colombia that has enabled us to build new toilets at the bookshop in Ouagadougou. Previously we had no toilets on the premises and had to go to a mission house in the neighbourhood to use their facilities. May the LORD bless CLC Colombia for their compassion and generosity towards us.

Sami Luc Noufe – CLC Burkina Faso


Tuesday (28th) – Sierra Leone

Since its installation in 2017, we have experienced many challenges with our Print-on- Demand system.  Despite everything, we have been able to print a number of Christian books, including several written by local pastors. Now we are complementing the system with a small-scale copier and we also have started to do book binding. Please pray that we can replace and supplement our equipment as needed.

Donald John – CLC Sierra Leone


Wednesday (29th) – Kenya

For a while, we have been looking for volunteers to help us with the staffing gaps we have. While it is not a common practice to have volunteers in Kenya, we continue to pray that God will send men and women to CLC Kenya to help advance the work, whether in person or even remotely in these days of technological advancements. 

Muthoni Mercy – CLC Kenya


Thursday (30th) – Africa

Since nearly all of our stock comes from Brazil, we continue to be very challenged by the high cost of international freight and import charges. This means that our prices are often higher than we would like them to be. Please pray as we consider a new possibility for consolidating our stock orders from multiple suppliers, as a means of reducing costs.

Liz Patten – CLC Africa Regional Director


Friday (1st) – Dominica

For the past five years, we have experienced an economic downfall which, together with natural disasters, has challenged the private businesses. Currently we are in fluctuation mode as we are faced with low sales and publisher credits that keep rising due to monthly late fees. We thank God for the annual occasions (Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, etc.) as these help to boost our sales.

Davis Laudat – CLC Dominica


The Weekend (2nd/3rd) – Dominica

For the past two years, we have been looking for a new location for the bookshop, following an eviction notice. Whilst our search is ongoing, we are faced with high rent fees. Our situation is problematic, but we trust in God Who has come through for us time and time again. Thank you for praying with us.

Davis Laudat – CLC Dominica

Week 19  May 4th – 10th

Monday (4th) – Belarus

In the month of May, we have two state holidays that give us extra days off. At that time, there are usually two or three youth conferences in Brest. CLC Belarus arranges bookstalls at these events. It is a blessed time for the Christian youth in our region and a great opportunity to serve them although it is quite stretching for our team.          

Lina Pinkevich – CLC Belarus


Tuesday (5th) – International Council

Every four years, CLC holds its International Council meetings. Taking part are the International Director, the Regional Directors and the national directors of all CLC countries where the ministry is considered established. The Council is the CLC forum for conducting international CLC business including any necessary review of practices and policies.  Praise God for the opportunity to meet in South Korea this year.


Wednesday (6th) – International Council

Today the International Director and the team of Regional Directors will arrive in Seoul. Please pray for safe travels and quick adaptation to the difference in time zones. This prayer request also applies for ALL the delegates who will arrive over the next few days – mostly on the 10th. Also pray especially for the team of CLC South Korea, who will be our hosts!


Thursday (7th) – International Council

The International Director and the team of Regional Directors will meet together over the next three days (7th / 8th / 9th), in preparation for the CLC International Council meetings that will follow. Please pray for a sharp focus and a keen spiritual ear as they meet together.


Friday (8th) – Asia

“Praise God for the past 12 years that I could serve in CLC as the Regional Director for Asia.  Now my last term has ended, and I am seeking Him for new direction. Please join me in praying for a good transition for the next Regional Director and new things in the CLC Asia region. May the LORD open new CLC ministries in this region.”

Romualdo Macinas – CLC Asia


The Weekend (9th/10th) – International Council

Please pray for all the CLC teams around the world whose leaders will be away at the Council meetings. May the LORD protect them, encourage them and give them wisdom as they have to deal with situations that may arise. Also pray for the families of those who are at the Council meetings, again for the LORD’s protection and encouragement at home.



Week 20  May 11th – 17th

Monday (11th) – International Council

The CLC International Council meetings begin today and continue until Saturday 16th. Our theme is Isaiah 54v2: “Enlarge the place of your tent and let the curtains of your habitations be stretched out; do not hold back; lengthen your cords and strengthen your stakes” (ESV). Please pray especially for Ron Perschky, our devotional speaker, that he will be powerfully enabled to bring God’s word to us.


Tuesday (12th) – International Council

Please pray for all the official Council business and especially for the International Director who will be leading the discussions. Pray also for stamina for the interpreters who will be working to ensure that everyone understands what is being said. Also pray for a smooth running of all the day-to-day logistics of the conference and for the person who will be taking the official Minutes.


Wednesday (13th) – International Council

Pray for any CLC leaders who are attending Council meetings for the first time.  Pray for unity and for lasting fellowship among the delegates. Pray also for our worship leaders that they may be sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s leading as we join together to praise the LORD at the start of each new day.


Thursday (14th) – Peru

In recent months, CLC has had the opportunity to take on an already existing bookshop ministry in Peru. Prayer is requested for wisdom to give the best possible service in this new venture, as well as for people called by God to work in this ministry.  At the time of writing, we also need new systems for inventory, sales and accounting.

Carlos Marin – CLC Peru


Friday (15th) – Peru

As far as we are aware, there is no mobile Christian literature ministry in the country of Peru. CLC would love to be able to purchase a suitable vehicle and start touring with a mobile bookshop! Please pray that we will be able to do this soon!

Carlos Marin – CLC Peru


The Weekend (16th/17th) – International Council

Please pray for the last day of the Council’s official business, that the Agenda will be completed on time. On Sunday, all the Council delegates will attend a church service followed by a visit to the CLC Seoul installations. Please pray for safety in travel around the city and a blessed day together. 


Week 21  May 18th – 24th

Monday (18th) – International Council

Today the Council delegates have been invited to participate in the Proclaim 2020 Conference in Seoul. Please pray that it will be a time of fellowship, encouragement and learning. The conference is designed to help pastors and other leaders understand the Bible from the Ancient Near East perspective.


Tuesday (19th) – International Council

Now that the Council meetings have concluded, the team of Regional Directors will begin their new term by meeting with the International Director for a further two days – 19th & 20th. Please pray for their meetings, which are expected to include an evaluation of the Council and then pray for their (mostly long) homeward journeys on the 21st – to Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America and the USA!


Wednesday (20th) – France

Together with two other publishers, CLC France is organising an Evangelical Forum, to be held in Montélimar in September. Many other publishers and missions will participate. Please pray with us for the preparations, for good organisation and that there will be many visitors to the event, which will be the first of its kind in our region. 

Hervé Lessous – CLC France


Thursday (21st) – France

Two years ago, in Montélimar (home of the CLC France headquarters), we began a “Pastoral Gathering” with five of the main local church leaders. We are happy about this, since CLC has not always been considered as missionary work in the region but rather as a commercial activity. We pray that unity continues to grow, leading to more visibility and action in Montélimar for God’s glory.   

Hervé Lessous – CLC France.


Friday (22nd) – United Kingdom

Praise the Lord for increasing opportunities to have book tables at a wide variety of events.  Some of these have many thousands of people attending, while others have a few dozen.  At the larger events we set up a whole bookshop, with titles chosen specifically for each gathering.  Please pray for those serving at these events as they require good knowledge of the books and lots of energy!

Neil Wardrope – Kingsway CLC Trust


The Weekend (23rd/24th) – United Kingdom

Praise the Lord we have taken on the distribution of the books from the Alpha evangelistic programme, headed up by Nicky Gumble.  These courses have seen many thousands come to faith around the world and we are delighted to be able to offer these books and be associated with this vision.

Neil Wardrope – Kingsway CLC Trust


Week 22  May 25th – 31st

Monday (25th) – Kenya

We are grateful for new partners that came on board in 2019 to enable us to establish our ministry, including donors who funded specific projects that have brought CLC Kenya and its programmes to a better place.

Muthoni Mercy – CLC Kenya


Tuesday (26th) – Sierra Leone

Please pray for the opportunities we have in Bo City to share the word of God with students. These days, most students are involved in drugs or other unhelpful things because of peer pressure. We are still able to preach to them and we also recommend that they have their own hard copy of the Bible and other books that will help them to live their lives.

Matthew Hanciles – CLC Sierra Leone


Wednesday (27th) – Ecuador

We thank the Lord that at the end of 2019, we started selling via direct payment through the CLC website ( Please pray that customers will continue to become familiar with our website so that we can increase our sales.  Pray for the LORD to inspire us as we are looking for the best strategies to strongly promote this site.

Monica Rojas – CLC Ecuador


Thursday (28th) – Panama

We give thanks to the LORD that since December 2019, our brother Hector Burke (formerly with the Institute of the Thompson Chain Reference Bible) has joined CLC Panama. Please pray for his continued adapting into the team and give thanks to the LORD for the ongoing fruitful collaboration between the two organisations, especially in the countries where Spanish is the main language.

Humberto Urrutia, Latin America Regional Director


Friday (29th) – Germany

We thank God for all the opportunities to share with customers and visitors to our bookshops. An elderly gentleman, who was probably a freemason, came to our shop in Hamburg and said that he had stopped going to church many years ago. I was able to share with him from the Bible and about Jesus Christ. We always hope and pray that the seeds will bear fruit.

Valentin Schweigler – CLC Germany


The Weekend (30th/31st) – United Kingdom

We have started a regular monthly half day of prayer based at our warehouse in Chester.  This means that the warehouse does not function at full capacity on those days.  The Christian book trade has been very encouraged by this, even if they have to wait a little longer for their order.  Please pray with us as we listen to what the Lord is saying to us.

Neil Wardrope – Kingsway CLC Trust