Pray with Us

Week 25  June 15th – 21st

Monday – India:

Please pray about the need to relocate the bookshop in Vizag. We have been looking for somewhere suitable and affordable for some time now. We also have a long-term building project for our land in Clemens Road, Chennai, which we hope to start on soon.

Tuesday – Indonesia:
Please pray for the future leadership of CLC in Indonesia. A meeting to discuss a change in leadership with CLC Asia Regional Director Romualdo Macinas and Lewis Codington of the CLC IO, was due to take place in March but was postponed because of restrictions due to the coronavirus.

Wednesday – Indonesia:
Pray for wisdom from the Lord regarding future plans for the ministry. We are looking for publishing projects in partnership with other Christian organisations as we are currently doing with OM. We are also considering opening a book cafe to provide snacks and drinks to reach out to more people. 

Thursday – Japan:
In order to continue, we need to consider and implement more efficient ways to operate. Please pray for God’s help and guidance.

Friday – Korea:
Please pray for the CLC International Council meetings to be hosted by CLC in Korea. The conference, originally to be held in May, 2020, was postponed because of restrictions following the coronavirus pandemic. At the time of writing, the renewed date is likely to be in 2021. Please pray for wisdom and guidance in this matter as the situation is still a concern, and it affects everyone involved in so many ways. 

The Weekend – Korea:
CLC Korea has an affiliated Bible School, Covenant Theological Seminary, as part of our ministry. Please pray for the day-to-day operations of the seminary and for more new students to enroll. 

Week 26  June 22nd – 28th

Monday – Myanmar:
Please pray for CLC Myanmar as there is an urgent need for larger bookshop premises with an accessible warehouse facility. Work has begun on this project, but we ask for prayer for the finances to complete it – the fixtures and fittings and the general decoration. We hope to be able to open the new bookshop this year.

Tuesday – Pakistan:
Please pray for increased sales for the CLC ministry despite the uncertainties that they face. Pray, too, for the completion of the publishing process for The Case for Faith by Lee Strobel and the next book planned for publishing, The Fourth Dimension v2 by Dr Yonggi Cho.

Wednesday – Philippines:
We praise the Lord that we are able to supply two online bookstores which are growing significantly. Please pray with us as we seek to improve our own website. The finances overall are very tight right now and it has been difficult to pay the bills during the time of the virus.

Thursday – Philippines:
Please pray for our ongoing publishing operations. We praise the Lord that we have some significant publishing partners in the USA who grant us the rights to publish their titles in the Philippines.

Friday – Thailand:
Please pray as we work on translating and publishing books, such as The Tabernacle, from the R-Center in South Korea, and best-selling Children’s Bibles.

The Weekend – Thailand:
Please pray for our ongoing need to sell CLC’s properties in Bangkok and Chiang Mai. We praise God for His faithfulness in all of this.

Week 27  June 29th – July 5th

Monday – Bulgaria:
With all the disruption due to COVID-19, a large-scale event in our country that we were due to attend with a book table and CLC presentation was postponed. This event was to to present all the Christian ministries, organizations and church groups in the country. Please pray for this event, that it will still take place and be an encouragement for all who participate.

Tuesday – Belarus:
For the CLC bookshop in Brest, it is our prayer that we would be a real lighthouse in the city.  We are praying that God will help us to give the best service to the customers as we serve Him in making His Word available on the high street.

Wednesday – Belarus:
Please pray that we would be able to adjust to new technologies and try to keep up to date in this constantly changing world around us.

Thursday – Central Asia 1:
Please pray with us that the apartment will continue to be rented out. This is an important source of income to maintain the ministry financially. We hope to find ways to grow our sales. Pray that the Lord will open unexpected doors for us.

Friday – Central Asia 2:
Please pray for the ongoing plans to start publishing books. We would also value prayer for some ‘large special orders’ that would be a help towards us covering our costs.

The Weekend – Central Asia 2:
Please pray for more opportunities to take book tables to events, and we would also like to host more book fairs at schools. It would be good to have someone, called by God, who could take responsibility for finding and arranging this sort of activity. 

Week 28  July 6th – July 12th

Monday – Cyprus:
We praise the Lord for His constant presence, blessings and the openings that we have had from Him to share the Gospel with various people. There is a need for these people to be established in the faith and to get involved in church life so they can grow as Christians. Please pray that the Lord will encourage them and direct them in His ways.

Tuesday – Cyprus:
We are hoping that somehow we will be able to interest young people in the work in the bookshop and the various aspects involved in it. This could provide some help for us in the ministry now but also perhaps bring in potential future workers.

Wednesday – France:
We pray that unity with churches will continue to grow and allow a better visibility and activity in the cities and surrounding regions for the glory of God.

Thursday – France:
We would like to open a small book outlet Please pray for our publishing projects for 2020: children’s books and new books for adults, which include Undaunted and The Resurrection and You by Josh McDowell, and Finally Alive and Astonished by God by John Piper.

Friday – Germany:
There are plans this year to remodel the street where our bookshop is located. This will mean months of disruption for everyone in the area, and there will be times when it will not be so easy for our customers to visit us. Please pray that the building work will not affect us too much.

The Weekend – Germany:
Please pray for efforts to advertise our shop. We plan to distribute flyers inviting our neighbours to visit us. More urgently, we need a new website platform as our current provider finishes his service in July, 2020. Please pray for this transition period and an effective website for the future.

 Week 29  July 13th – July 19th

Monday – Hungary:
Publishing slowly becomes a bigger operation, which requires more attention. We need wisdom in choosing the right titles for our market, but we also need more focus on marketing, contacting new retailers and finding new ways of distributing our books. 

Tuesday – Hungary:
Our helper, Áron Vörös, leaves us to finish his studies in May. We are looking for someone to replace him who could be dedicated to marketing tasks while helping out in the Budapest shop when needed.

Wednesday – Italy:
Pray for good health and healing from God for Samuele Di Ruocco, the former Director for CLC Italy, who is still rehabilitating, and for Ivano Cramerotti, who started suffering from a serious heart disease at the beginning of 2020.

Thursday – Netherlands:
Please pray for us as we look to share our website technology with churches, publishers and bookshops.  One option is to provide affiliate links so that churches can partner with us to encourage our web sales.  Another option is to build websites for publishers and bookshops unable to do so themselves. 

Friday – Poland:
We need to find a new premises for storage of the books we are publishing. Please pray we find a suitable location at an affordable cost.

The Weekend – Poland:
Although many customers who visit the shop are Christians, please pray with us for those who do not know the Lord. We want to see people coming to faith when they come to the bookshop.

Week 30  July 20th – July 26th

Monday – Portugal:
Please pray as we look to expand our publishing work and export more books to other countries in Europe where there are people from Portugal and Brazil who would love to access books in their mother tongue.

Tuesday – Portugal:
Please pray for young people to volunteer in different aspects of the work. Pray for staff members, Carlos and Vinicyus, that they would accomplish all the goals for this year and serve well, without becoming too exhausted.

Wednesday – Romania:
Our publishing activities have suffered delays in the past year or two, although we have books prepared and waiting to be published. Please pray that God would help us to move forward with these important projects.

Thursday – Romania:
Please pray that we will become more effective in our work with the website and that we would manage it well. We need to maintain a level of sales, both in the bookshop and on the website, in order to continue and develop the various aspects of our ministry.

Friday – Russia:
Lord willing, we are planning a second seminar with R-Center and CLC Russia later this year. Please pray for plans and preparations if this is to take place.

The Weekend – Russia:
Sales continue to drop. Please pray with us for the Lord’s blessing in internet sales, publishing and retail for 2020. Please pray for the Lord’s continuing protection for the ministry.

Week 31  July 27th – August 2nd

Monday – Spain:
We are always looking for opportunities to facilitate seminars, book presentations and hold special events. We want to make our ministry known as more than just a bookshop. Please pray for God’s guidance in this.

Tuesday – Spain:
Please pray for growth in sales, both in the bookshops and online. Please pray, too, for new opportunities for the distribution of the Jesus for Everyone Bibles that we have available.

Wednesday – Switzerland:
Pray for growth and expansion of the CLC work in Switzerland, despite not having a bookshop presence anymore. 

Thursday – Switzerland:
Pray for Carlo Ciafani as he now works part-time with CLC, maintaining web sales and looking for opportunities to distribute Bibles and books through phone orders and book tables. 

Friday – United Kingdom:
Praise God for the opportunities to supply our resources through secular channels as never before. Many of these books and Bibles will end up in the hands of people with whom we have no direct contact.

The Weekend – United Kingdom:
Please pray for all the team members involved in building and supporting our websites. A huge amount of work is involved in data entry, building websites, connecting IT systems, digital marketing and customer service. The goal is to offer a seamless system that provides each customer with what they are looking for.  

Week 32  August 3rd – August 9th

Monday – Bolivia:
Please join Gamaliel and Marlene in giving thanks to the Lord for all the help and provision they have received during times of serious difficulties in keeping the ministry going. They know that seeds have been planted that will bear future fruit and are grateful to all those who have helped and supported them.

Tuesday – Bolivia:
For the first few months of this year, Gamaliel and Marlene Padilla have been concentrating on selling as much stock as possible since vacating the rented shop premises and moving to a base further out of the city. They are also looking at ways that would make the ministry more viable in the future. Please pray for the Padillas and others involved in making decisions that God would clearly guide them in this.

Wednesday – Chile:
Please pray for the project CLC Chile has each year to promote a particular book title. This year the CLC Colombia publication, Getting Closer to God by Erwin Lutzer, is being highlighted as their book of the year.

Thursday – Chile:
Following the political and social unrest and uncertainty in 2019, please pray for resolutions to the problems and peace for Chile. Pray, too, that Christian ministries, including CLC, will continue to share the Gospel and make a difference in the country to God’s glory.

Friday – Colombia:
Pray for the publication we are working on of the book Why Pro-Life? by Randy Alcorn. It is a very necessary resource in these times in Latin America.

The Weekend – Colombia:
Please pray for wisdom as we continue our ministry work in Colombia that we would make a real impact, to God’s glory, in the country.

Week 33  August 10th – August 16th

Monday – Ecuador:
We praise and thank the Lord that we found a suitable place for our wholesale distribution work in Guayaquil. It has a reasonable rent and is located just two blocks away from the bookshop. The Lord has also provided us with the ideal staff to attend to the work there.

Tuesday – Ecuador:
One of our prayers in 2020 is that we would find favour with a bank or another financial institution to grant us a loan towards the construction of our own building in Guayaquil.

Wednesday – Mexico:
Pray for plans this year that include more regular involvement in book fairs around the country, working with Christian colleges and arranging at least six mobile routes to reach parts of northern Mexico.

Thursday – Mexico:
Pray with us for the growth and strengthening of our ministry during 2020 so that every member of the team can transmit the mission of CLC to our customers and be a channel of blessing to the people of Mexico.

Friday – Panamá:
Please pray about the current legal status of CLC Panamá that functions as a limited company. We would like to change the status to an NGO or a Social Foundation. This would mean lower taxes for CLC, allowing us to reinvest in the ministry. This status would more accurately define our organisation.

The Weekend – Panamá:
Please pray for the ongoing need we have to purchase a property for our wholesale department and offices.

Week 34  August 17th – August 23rd

Monday – Peru:
Please pray for the ongoing work of setting up the ministry in Peru. Pray for the economic situation here and the ability to pay staff and stock, especially with the shop closures early in the year due to the COVID-19 virus.

Tuesday – Peru:
Pray for the process of implementing the website for CLC Peru. We hope that the training and implementation will be done well and as soon as possible.

Wednesday – Uruguay:
Please pray for the resources needed to refurbish the main bookshop in Montevideo to update the fixtures and fittings and to improve customer service.

Thursday – Uruguay:
We are grateful for the work done by the mobile work into the interior of the country, which accounts for 25% of CLC Uruguay’s annual sales. Pray for all the churches and church members who help us with the distribution of books and Bibles in their towns and cities.

Friday – Venezuela:
For praise: We give thanks to God for His faithfulness, sustaining us during more than three years of economic limitations. He has helped us, sending support from various sources via the CLC International Office, to pay our staff and to cover the costs of books together with their importation into the country.

The Weekend – Venezuela:
For prayer: Please pray that God would help us to operate despite the continued and increasing daily challenges with basic services, such as electricity and internet. These services fail regularly and for long periods, and this failure affects the whole country. We trust that at some point these services will return to normal.

Week 35  August 24th – August 30th

Monday – Antigua:
Please pray for an increase in sales and a faster turnover. Pray, too, for our nation. The  coronavirus pandemic will have an impact on tourism, the main industry on the island, and a decline in visitors would eventually affect our sales too.

Tuesday – Barbados:
Please pray that we would be able to cope with the after-effects of the lockdown and ongoing issues due to the coronavirus pandemic. This is important both for the CLC ministry and for Barbados as the island’s economy is very dependent on tourism. Praise the Lord for His protection over the staff and property during the time of lockdown.

Wednesday – Canada:
Since mid-2019, we have been working on the issue of transforming our distribution and establishing CLC Diffusion (distribution). In February of this year, the largest distributor of Christian books in Quebec (where CLC is based) asked us to consider taking over their work. This is a huge opportunity but also a challenge with little margin for error. The global pandemic does not make it any easier to set up this new infrastructure. Please pray for wisdom and guidance from the Lord.

Thursday – Dominica:
Please pray for financial stability for the ministry, especially regarding the rent situation and the need to relocate to a more affordable shop property. Even during the recent lockdown, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the rent needed to be paid, which was an additional pressure for the team.

Friday – Trinidad & Tobago:
Please pray as we look for new strategies to get our stock out. We are at the lowest point, in terms of finance, that we have been in CLC Trinidad and Tobago’s history. We are actively engaging with every single person that enters the bookstore.

The Weekend – United States:
Pray for good new titles to publish. We are working on several new publishing projects including a new FaithEssentials series of classic books. Pray for God’s blessing on new distribution arrangements as we take on shipping and distribution for Christian Fellowship Publishers and Arabic Bible Outreach Ministries.