Pray with Us

 Week 20  May 11th – 17th

Monday (11th) – International Director Gerardo Scalante

Please pray for CLC International Director Gerardo Scalante, who is recovering at home following heart surgery. Pray also for Gary Chamberlin who is taking the helm during the current difficult times while Gerardo recuperates.

 Tuesday (12th) – USA

Please pray for our US team as we navigate the current crisis and seek to fulfill all that God desires of us during this time.   Pray for stamina, for health and for the Lord’s continued provision for all financial needs for missionaries and outreach operations.  Please pray that our bookstores would be able to open quickly and safely. We praise God for all the Bibles and Christian books that have gone out online over the last two months! 

 Wednesday (13th) – International 

Pray for all of our CLC fields around the world as they work to accomplish our mission of distributing Bibles and books during this difficult time. Pray for revival all over the world, for repentance, and for renewal of the church. Pray for unity and for lasting fellowship among all believers. Pray that God will be worshipped and honored above all gods. 

Thursday (14th) – Peru

In recent months, CLC has had the opportunity to take on an already existing bookshop ministry in Peru. Prayer is requested for wisdom to give the best possible service in this new venture, as well as for people called by God to work in this ministry.  At the time of writing, we also need new systems for inventory, sales and accounting. 

Friday (15th) – Peru

As far as we are aware, there is no mobile Christian literature ministry in the country of Peru. CLC would love to be able to purchase a suitable vehicle and start touring with a mobile bookshop! Please pray that we will be able to do this soon! 

The Weekend (16th/17th) – Korea

Please pray for CLC Korea as they strive to publish great Christian books. Pray for health of the workers, for good distribution, and for wisdom. Pray that the new partnership with CLC MultiLanguage Media will be a blessing in distributing Korean books in the USA. 

Week 21  May 18th – 24th

Monday (18th) – Korea

CLC has been invited to participate in the Proclaim 2020 Conference in Seoul. Please pray that it will be a time of fellowship, encouragement and learning. The conference is designed to help pastors and other leaders understand the Bible from the Ancient Near East perspective.

Tuesday (19th) – USA Publishing

Please pray that God will bring good new titles to us that will meet specific needs. Pray for Dave Fessenden as he coordinates the editorial process for our new books. Pray also that we will be able to market and sell them well so that they can be used in the lives of those who need them. 

Wednesday (20th) – France

Together with two other publishers, CLC France is organizing an Evangelical Forum, to be held in Montélimar in September. Many other publishers and missions will participate. Please pray with us for the preparations, for good organization and that there will be many visitors to the event, which will be the first of its kind in our region. 

Thursday (21st) – France

Two years ago, in Montélimar (home of the CLC France headquarters), we began a “Pastoral Gathering” with five of the main local church leaders. We are happy about this, since CLC has not always been considered as missionary work in the region but rather as a commercial activity. We pray that unity continues to grow, leading to more visibility and action in Montélimar for God’s glory.   

Friday (22nd) – United Kingdom

Praise the Lord for increasing opportunities to have book tables at a wide variety of events.  Some of these have many thousands of people attending, while others have a few dozen.  At the larger events we set up a whole bookshop, with titles chosen specifically for each gathering.  Please pray for those serving at these events as they require good knowledge of the books and lots of energy!

The Weekend (23rd/24th) – United Kingdom

Praise the Lord we have taken on the distribution of the books from the Alpha evangelistic program headed up by Nicky Gumble.  These courses have seen many thousands come to faith around the world and we are delighted to be able to offer these books and be associated with this vision.


Week 22  May 25th – 31st

Monday (25th) – Kenya

We are grateful for new partners that came on board in 2019 to enable us to establish our ministry, including donors who funded specific projects that have brought CLC Kenya and its programmes to a better place.


Tuesday (26th) – Sierra Leone

Please pray for the opportunities we have in Bo City to share the word of God with students. These days, most students are involved in drugs or other unhelpful things because of peer pressure. We are still able to preach to them and we also recommend that they have their own hard copy of the Bible and other books that will help them to live their lives.

Wednesday (27th) – Ecuador

We thank the Lord that at the end of 2019, we started selling via direct payment through the CLC website ( Please pray that customers will continue to become familiar with our website so that we can increase our sales.  Pray for the LORD to inspire us as we are looking for the best strategies to strongly promote this site.

Thursday (28th) – Panama

We give thanks to the LORD that since December 2019, our brother Hector Burke (formerly with the Institute of the Thompson Chain Reference Bible) has joined CLC Panama. Please pray for his continued adapting into the team and give thanks to the LORD for the ongoing fruitful collaboration between the two organisations, especially in the countries where Spanish is the main language.

Friday (29th) – Germany

We thank God for all the opportunities to share with customers and visitors to our bookshops. An elderly gentleman, who was probably a freemason, came to our shop in Hamburg and said that he had stopped going to church many years ago. I was able to share with him from the Bible and about Jesus Christ. We always hope and pray that the seeds will bear fruit.

The Weekend (30th/31st) – United Kingdom

We have started a regular monthly half day of prayer based at our warehouse in Chester.  This means that the warehouse does not function at full capacity on those days.  The Christian book trade has been very encouraged by this, even if they have to wait a little longer for their order.  Please pray with us as we listen to what the Lord is saying to us.