Why We Serve

CLC exists to make evangelical Christian literature available to all nations so that people may come to faith and maturity in the Lord Jesus Christ. We do this because we believe in the transforming power of books and Bibles to change lives for eternity. Romans 12:2 is a guiding verse as it says that we must be “transformed by the renewing of our minds.” In a world of confusion and chaos, great Christian books bring clarity and hope to the reader and provide a gateway to the truth of gospel as the Holy Spirit illuminates the pages being read. In many parts of the world where we serve, CLC is the only or primary source of Christian literature in an entire region.

Where We Serve

CLC serves on five continents and in forty-seven nations. Typically the ministry take place in cities where there are large urban populations hungry for truth and with a desire to read. There is no such thing as a typical CLC store as our bookstores can be found in prominent retail locations in London, in bustling market centers in India, and remote parts of Central Asia. Each bookcenter is unique and designed to meet the needs of the local community. Increasingly, CLC’s ministry can be found online and in books being published in various languages. From the beginning, CLC has sought to be a “gap filler” and to provide Christian literature in places where others did not. Today, we serve in some of the hardest places and most gospel resistant nations on earth. At the same time, we also serve in some of the most post-Christian urban centers on the planet. In every case, we desire to work in a winsome way so that the aroma of Christ draws people in.

How We Serve

CLC always does ministry through the unique vehicle of Christian books and Bibles. While we do provide other Christian resources like church supplies, music and cards, we keep books and Bibles at the core of all we do. We serve the needs of the local church, the seeker and the growing Christian and do so in a variety of creative ways. In many places we have Christian bookstores that serve as a focal point of Christian resources for a local community. This however, is only a starting point. We also serve with book tables, book mobiles, websites, warehouses, publishing, print-on-demand, and so much more. We are always looking for new and creative ways to make Christian books and Bibles available and accessible to people all over the world.

Give to the Mission

Donating to the work of CLC or to a specific CLC worker is very easy. Click on the button below to get started. All donations are tax deductible as CLC USA is a properly registered 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization. Your donations provide the fuel for our ministry and make it possible for us to serve the nations. You help us to fulfill the great commission one book at a time.