Help us connect people around the world with life-giving literature. CLC is collecting and distributing used Christian books to nations with little or no access to the printed Word of God.

Why We Recycle Christian Books

Several years ago, we discovered a problem we didn’t know how to solve. Many of our CLC team around the world that are working in developing nations could not afford to buy or sell books at western prices. Even with significant wholesale discounts from publishers, when the cost of shipping, taxation and currency valuations was factored in, our books were too expensive for the average person to afford.

Just as this problem was surfacing, the internet was changing buying and reading habits in the west and people were embracing e-books for the first time. This meant that many people had books on their shelves that they were willing to donate and they just needed to know about our little problem. Today, we are shipping hundreds of thousands of high quality “gently used” Christian books to some of the poorest nations on earth and helping to stop the Christian book famine that so many were experiencing.

How Can I Help?

1. Volunteer

The CLC Christian BookLink program is entirely staffed by volunteers at this time. We need people to help us sort, re-package and stack boxes of books. This role is ideal for a retiree or someone that simply has some extra time available in their week and does not have to involve heavy lifting. While we do provide training, we are looking for people that already read and love Christian books to be effective in the sorting process.

2. Donate Your Books*

Your own Christian books or do a collection drive at your local church. This is a great project for a Sunday school class or small group.
*WE ARE CURRENTLY NOT ACCEPTING BOOK DONATIONS. Please consider making a financial donation to help us ship our current inventory.

3. Give

Shipping thousands of books is expensive. Consider making a financial donation to help offset the costs of shipping these books to far away nations. This can make the books that much more affordable when they arrive.

What Books We Accept

We willingly accept the following new or gently used materials:

  • Bibles and New Testaments
  • Non-fiction Christian books – Bible reference, Christian living, Devotional, Kids, etc.

We do NOT need Sunday school curriculum, magazines, CDs, cassettes, DVDs and videos. Please do NOT send any secular books or materials.

Where Do You Send Books?

You can send all CLC donation books to the following address:

CLC Ministries International
701 Pennsylvania Avenue
P.O. Box 1449
Fort Washington, PA 19034
Attn: BookLink

You can also deliver them to us at the address above (between 9AM and 5PM Mon to Fri) or drop them off at one of our two bookstore locations in the Philadelphia area.