CLC is joined by hundreds of thousands of other groups and individuals around the world, working toward a shared goal of advancing the Gospel to all tribes, tongues, and nations.

We’ve compiled a list of great resources from like-minded and like-missioned organizations that we hope you will find beneficial as you seek to grow deeper in your faith, learn about and pray for global ministry efforts,  and share the Good News of Jesus with others.

CLC International  Contact Information for CLC bookstores worldwide

Ethnologue – Languages of the World 

PrayerCast – Praying for the Nations

Operation World – Prayer guide to every nation

Jesus Film in 1,700 languages (free download) 

Bible Project – free videos to help people experience  the Bible as the story of Jesus – 16 languages to date.

ACMI – Association of Christians Ministering to International Students

The Promise – Free downloadable evangelistic booklet in many languages

Etnopedia – Ethnic peoples of the world

Good News Coloring Book – Free downloadable coloring books in many languages

Mission to North America – ESL Resources and links

International Students, Inc. – Training Americans to meet international students’ needs – Helping you to find God’s Word in over 4,000 languages

ScriptureEarth – Scripture resources in thousands of languages

Find a Bible – Directory with links to 4,480 Bible Versions and 30,514 Biblical resources from 909 Organizations.

International Friendships – Providing  hospitality and friendship to international students. –  Online spiritual gifts, personality and leadership assessment.

People of God Online Course (English) (French)