Core Values


We exercise faith in the will, power and providence of God to meet every need for both the ministry and the members. Therefore, the expansion and outreach of this ministry is not determined by our visible resources but rather by the commands and promises of God.


We recognize personal sacrifice and total dedication to be essential to the fulfilling of our God-given commission. We should be willing to face hardship, inconvenience, sickness, danger and even death if necessary, for the fulfillment of Christ’s command to make known the Gospel to all people. We should make every effort possible for the fulfilling of CLC’s purposes.


We are a fellowship of God’s people drawn from various backgrounds. We therefore allow no national or racial prejudices or exclusive denominational or doctrinal emphases in the life and ministry of CLC. We believe that within the fellowship of CLC the will of God can be known in all matters pertaining to His work. Therefore we expect that, as we seek Him, agreement can be attained within the fellowship in making decisions. We accept the teaching of Christ that the test of our discipleship is our love for one another. The fellowship principle within CLC means that each member should be sensitive to the needs and welfare of others and bear one another’s burdens in the spirit of love.


We affirm our dependence upon the work of the Holy Spirit to fulfill our purpose, and shall ever seek His power and guidance by prayer, faith, obedience, humility and holiness. We take this to mean living with the supreme aim of pleasing God in thought, word and deed according to the standard of the Bible.