Multi-Language Media

America is a land of immigrants and millions of people in our country do not have English as their heart language. Each year there are now more than one million foreign students studying in our universities. A Bible or Christian literature in a person’s native language can bridge the cultural gap and become a powerful gospel communication tool.

What Is Multi-Language Media?

MultiLanguage Media (MLM) is CLC USA’s response to this tremendous need for foreign language Christian resources in America. Our warehouse now stocks Bibles, Christian books, and tracts in over 100 languages and is growing to meet the needs of ESL groups, International Student ministries and local church outreaches to refugees that are arriving every day.

What Is Available?

New this month is the Haitian Study Bible or Bib Etid. Praise God for this wonderful new Bible! We carry a wide selection of Bibles and Christian books in languages as varied as Arabic, Burmese, Creole, French, Samoan, Uzbek, Vietnamese, Zulu and everything in between. There are full text Bibles, New Testaments and parallel Bibles available in many of these languages. In addition we have a large selection of ESL resources and books that can be used for evangelistic outreaches. One of our most popular titles is “A Look Inside America: Exploring America’s Cultural Values and Holidays“.  We also have a growing list of FREE resources here! For more information on all that is available, please visit us at

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