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CLC has made the difficult decision (at least for now) to close down most of our BookLink program as it has been hard for us to find ways to send books overseas. We will continue to accept donations of good quality used Bibles and Bible Reference books.

We have sent many 20’ containers of books and Bibles over the years into places like India, Papua New Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone, but shipping regulations, rising shipping costs, and the pandemic have meant that hundreds of boxes of books and Bibles have been filling up our warehouse instead of getting into the hands of those who can use them overseas. These books and Bibles have often provided the difference in making Christian literature available in underserved countries and regions. We thank God for allowing us to be your partners in making sure that your valuable used books and Bibles could be sent out to make a difference in someone else’s life. And thank you for trusting us with this important job over the last years!

All’s not lost!

We are happy to let you know that we have made arrangements with our good friends at Love Packages to make sure that the books and Bibles that have been stacking up in our warehouse WILL GET SENT OVERSEAS!!!

Thousands of books ready to be shipped overseas!

We have 14 pallets of books that are ready to go to them. Please join us in praying that God will use these books in the lives of thousands of people.

But wait? What am I going to do with my used books now?

Bibles and Bible reference books like commentaries and Bible dictionaries can still be dropped off at our headquarters in Fort Washington, PA.

All other Christian books can be shipped to Love Packages at one of their two locations:

  1. 220 Union St – Butler, IL 62015
  2. 60-D South Mountain Dr – Decatur, AL 35603

Is there still a need for shipping funds?

Yes! We will continue to ship Bibles and Bible reference books as we have funds available. We have a current need for about $2000 for a shipment to an Asian country. Please consider making a donation today!