Small bookshops in developing countries are of great spiritual importance. Often they are the only place a Bible or Christian book can be found for miles around. Making God’s Word available so that Jesus Christ can be known is the central purpose of these ministry centers and your donation can help them stay open in often difficult economic situations.

CLC USA has committed especially to helping our partners in Sierra Leone. Sierra Leone presents a unique opportunity. While most of the population is Muslim, it is a very religiously tolerant nation. Christians can worship freely, and CLC is blessed to openly operate 3 bookshops; two in the capital city of Freetown, and one in Bo. These stores are well positioned to reach many lost souls with the Gospel, equip pastors with valuable tools, and provide life-giving literature to the local churches.

However, not unlike many other businesses in Sierra Leone, these bookshops and their employees are under incredible financial strain. Please pray for the work being done through these shops, and consider making a financial donation to help keep their shelves stocked, their prices affordable to the people who need these resources the most, and their employees compensated and able to provide for their families.