Vance Havner says in his book “Holy Desperation” that thirsting “is getting so desperate for a drink of water it’s all you can think about. And this holy thirst for God is getting to the place where nothing else will satisfy you.”

This year we have seen a rising need expressed for God’s Word around the world – a thirst for it – with orders of Bibles and books in many languages enabling us to expand our reach and multiply our ministry here in the US. Overseas, where the pandemic has decimated the economic stability of a number of CLC fields, the thirst is in danger of remaining unquenched. This need brings us to share about one specific project with urgency – CLC Sierra Leone.

A little smaller than the State of South Carolina with a population of over 7.5 million, this West African country is facing significant challenges, and our missions and outreach work there is no exception. In fact, the economic effects of COVID-19 have brought CLC Sierra Leone to their knees – a good place from which to cry out to God for his provision! While our CLC workers here make less than $75/month on average, they have not received even this basic salary for some time and the three bookstores are in danger of closing. However, the economic crisis has not quenched the thirst for Living Water in this country and we want to help them.

Would you consider making a gift to CLC to help us provide funds for their living expenses?

Would the Lord have you give a monthly gift of $75 or $150 to provide a full salary for one or two local CLC Sierra Leone workers?

We are asking the Lord to provide 5 or 6 people to take on a monthly support role for our Sierra Leone team. Will you ask Him if you should be part of the answer to this prayer?

The impact this type of partnership can make is profound and we look forward to sharing more with you this year.

Thank you for your part in the ministry of the Lord, and Happy New Year!

Tim Hurd
CLC Ministries International

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